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Enterprise Network Management System

Enterprise Network Management System

Manage Certificates, Permissions, Users, & Locations – all in one place.

Sitehop’s Enterprise Network Management System (Vault NMS) is included with every subscription. Your fleet of Site-to-Site encryption is managed through a centralized management system.

Certificates and users’ permissions are configured in the NMS. Data logs and reports are available to monitor the system is performance.

The NMS system is purposely kept simple, for ease of use. When a Sitehop product is installed, that unit's specific configuration information has been pre-loaded to auto-populate the credentials needed for installation.

Available for deployment in 3 scenario types:
• NMS can be deployed using docker and run locally on your management network for top level security and control.
• NMS can be accessed via the Sitehop cloud where you have secure access to your own management system. The management data is sent over the IPsec tunnel so is much more secure than equivalent cloud management systems
• RestAPI - Easily integrate the features of the NMS into your own system.

The management system allows multiple ways to generate and load certificates:
• Sitehop can issue the certificate and root of trust OR
• A Global certificate authority such as Digi cert. can be used

The dashboard page shows total throughput across all sites and total IPsec connectivity. It also highlights any connections that need attention.

Once a card knows where the management system is located (which is done as part of the pre-configuration by Sitehop), it will automatically enrol onto the management system without the need for any setup, making it incredibly easy to use.

The sites page allows the ability to group deployments in physical sites. It also allows role-based permissions to allow access to only one site for ultimate flexibility and security.

Remote firmware updates are managed through the NMS.

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