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IPsec Compatible

IPsec Compatible

Communicate with other IPsec devices. Easy to phase into your network.

The SAFEblade 1100 communicates using the IPSec protocol. It communicates with any other IPsec device, which makes it easy to phase into your network.

IPSec is made of 2 parts:
1. the configuration and
2. the data for the connection.

The configuration is set up using IKE-V2 which is running in the software on the FPGA chip. But the software has message filters (implemented in firmware) so only allowed messages can pass in and out, which are FPGA enforced.

The data is made up of ESP packets which are most of the packets running through the VPN. These ESP packets cannot get to the software and are only processed in the firmware. Since the data path is not running on software and the allowed messages in and out of software are highly limited there is very little for a hacker to attack.

Most software hacks involve running some sort of exploit on the processor to allow malicious code to be run, this will not happen on the SAFEblade 1100 for the above reasons.

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