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Sitehop announces Godfrey Gaston as the new Chairman


30 June 2023

Dr. Godfrey Gaston MBE has been named the new Chairman of Sitehop, according to an official announcement. Sitehop, a thriving cybersecurity firm headquartered in Sheffield, is delighted to have Dr. Gaston on board as they navigate the increasing global demand for cyber security solutions.

With an impressive background in the field, Dr. Gaston brings extensive experience and business acumen to his new role. He holds a PhD in Semiconductor technology and previously served as a Principal Engineer at GEC Plessey Semiconductors. Later, he became a key member of the senior management team at BCO, a successful silicon wafer bonding start-up that was later acquired by Analog Devices for $153 million. In 2003, Dr. Gaston joined the Institute of Electronics, Communications, and Information Technology at Queen's University Belfast. Additionally, he co-founded and served as a director of Titan IC Systems until its acquisition by Mellanox/NVIDIA.

After announcing his retirement in 2022, Dr. Gaston expressed a continued passion for supporting start-ups and sharing his knowledge. He volunteered as a mentor in Plexal's Cyber Runway accelerator, where Sitehop's CEO, Melissa Chambers, recognized the alignment between Dr. Gaston's expertise and the company's trajectory.

Chambers commented on Dr. Gaston's appointment, stating, "Gaston's addition to Sitehop's senior management team comes at a pivotal moment in our company's growth. His technical experience in a closely related field will enhance our decision-making and safeguard us against potential challenges as we enter a phase of rapid expansion."

Dr. Gaston enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to join Sitehop, praising the company's advanced technology and capable team, perfectly suited for handling accelerated growth. "I am eager to contribute to Sitehop's realization of its immense potential," he expressed.

In conclusion, Sitehop proudly welcomes Dr. Godfrey Gaston MBE as the Chairman of the Board, recognizing his invaluable contributions in driving the company's progress during this exciting time.

For more information, please email or call +44 (0)7305 566518

About Sitehop

Sitehop is a cutting-edge cybersecurity firm specializing in safeguarding data in transit through advanced hardware security measures. Our innovative solution sets a new industry standard with the world's fastest latency for infrastructure providers, effectively addressing a pressing global challenge. With encryption speeds surpassing 100Gbps in under one microsecond, we ensure swift and secure data transmission.

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