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The world’s first 100Gbps AES256GCM security solution with the fastest nanosecond encryption latency

Sitehop launches SAFE100 at Mobile World Congress 2023.

The SAFE100 offers data security that is easy-to-use and uses a 10% of the energy compared to existing systems. Sitehop’s “bump-in-the-line” quantum-resistant encryption solution is 100% implemented on an FPGA chip.

Cyber security start-up, Sitehop is unveiling the SAFE100 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The company is demonstrating the 100Gbps encryption in Hall 8.1 UP42.

  • 100Gbps encryption and decryption in <1μS

  • Low power at 35W with sustained fully loaded traffic

  • Enterprise Network Management System

  • 4096 IPSeC tunnel aggregation for seamless mesh data transfer

Sitehop’s system solves a major challenge for telecom companies, and cloud and internet service providers – how to add encryption to their network to ensure it is secure without affecting quality or causing it to slow down.

Sitehop’s Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) board can be added to an existing network with minimal time and cost. As encryption takes place on the board rather than on the server, it enables the network to maintain superior performance while using just a tenth of the energy of existing solutions. It also protects against cyber attacks as hackers would need to access the board to breach the system, since the data is never under software control.

In addition to telecoms and cloud providers, Sitehop’s solution can be used by big companies to create secure private networks at a fraction of the cost by removing the need for physical interconnections. It could safeguard IoT systems such as ‘smart’ factories and connected devices such as drones and self-driving cars.

Sitehop was founded in 2021 by two engineers. Melissa Chambers was co-founder of Prism Microwave which provided products for wireless infrastructure and was sold to Tongyu Communications in 2016, while Ben Harper has worked on cyber systems for companies including BAE Systems and Sheffield-based Curvalux.

The company is in talks with a number of international network providers and will begin international and domestic trials in the next month.

Melissa Chambers, CEO of Sitehop, said: “The SAFE100 is gaining a lot of attention because we’ve taken something that can be very complicated and made it very simple. It’s a no-brainer”

Ben Harper, Chief Technology Officer at Sitehop, added: “We’re providing security without any of the conventional limitations that current security devices put on networks.”

Sheffield-based Sitehop is one of just 6 start-ups to secure a highly sought-after place on Cyber Runway Ignite, the most prestigious element of the largest UK government-backed cyber start-up accelerator.

Further information and a video demonstration can be found on and in a 3 min youtube video

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